Auto Insurance


If you’re an experienced driver with a good track record we want to help you keep it that way.  You’ll be rewarded for your clean record and experience with lower premiums and ways to protect your record in the event you do cause an accident or get a minor ticket.  We’ll make sure you get that protection and  all the discounts that you are entitled to.

Auto Rehab

You’ve had some bad luck and unfortunately your driving record shows it at the moment.  Let us find you the best priced insurance policy until you fit back into the regular market.  We’ll determine whether a 6 or a 12 month policy best suits you to keep your stay in high risk as short as possible.


Buying your first car and your first insurance?  There’s a lot of steps and information.  We’ll guide you through the process so you know what to expect.  It’s important for you to understand what the different insurance coverages mean and what you can do to keep your monthly payments as low as possible.   Did you know that taking an MTO approved driver education course or if you are a student you might qualify for discounts that will save you hundreds of dollars?

Ride Share

Making a few extra dollars with your car doing ride sharing?  If you’re contracted to do it do you know how the insurance side of it works?   We’ve got companies that provide coverage from the time you log on and make yourself available to the time the client pays and closes the door behind them.  But do you know how your regular car insurance handles this?  We’d be happy to take you through the steps and explain how the insurance coverage works and make sure you’re covered for both situations.


The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re on your bike is your insurance coverage!  We can remove that worry by finding you the right policy at the right price.  These days, motorcycle safety training is a must if you haven’t had bike insurance before.

Classics & Collectors

Whether it’s all shiny and ready to roll or laying in bits and pieces on the floor of the workshop, it’s worth insuring! We can get you covered during the restoration process and change it over once it’s ready to go out on the road.

Commercial Vehicles

If you’re using a single vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles, for business purposes you need commercial auto insurance.   We can offer special coverage for the vehicle(s), drivers and any goods being transported or operations.  Some insurance companies even have resources available to you that can reduce risk to your drivers, improve your efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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