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Life Insurance

Although the thought of buying life insurance seldom enters one mind, it could be said that anytime you borrow money (mortgage) the need for life insurance should be at the for front of your mind. When you borrow money you are counting on future income to pay that debt. If you or a member of your family’s income was no longer available how would that impact your family’s life?

Term life insurance has become very inexpensive over the last few years, it is a very economical way to cover off debt and future income requirements while your family is young and you are paying off debt and building a nest egg. However eventually all term insurance expires usually at age 75-80. The need for permanent coverage for things such as final expenses, life estate and tax planning all require coverage that will be enforced no matter how long you live.

Critical Illness Insurance

No one ever expects to get ill, the fact is that many Canadians face a diagnosis of cancer, stroke, heart attack or have bypasses every day in this country. While we are lucky to have a publicly funded health care system, the system has limitations. In many cases these limitations can prevent people from getting cutting edge or the most advanced treatment.

Critical illness coverage gives you the money and time to get better without the financial stress or worry. It will also provide you money for many of the drugs and treatments that your provincial health care program won’t cover.

A great feature of many Critical illness plans is that if you don’t make a claim on your coverage you can get all of your premiums paid after a specified time.

Long Term Care

The cost of aging is rapidly rising in Canada most people are unaware that there is insurance coverage to assist you in living in your home longer or marking sure you can have the top of the line nursing home care at a top rate facility.

Long term care is simply a coverage that is there for you at a time when you need it most. By having an monthly sum of money in addition to your government benefits, savings or pension you may be receiving provides peace of mind of knowing you will be able to pay for additional care a comfort items as you grow older.

Health & Dental Plans

With government and business always looking to cut cost many people in Canada do not have health or dental benefits. Prescription drug and trips to the dentist can add up quickly. Health and Dental plans don’t really cost they pay. Many drugs are not covered by provincial health plans, some companies offer catastrophic drug coverage, these plans cover even the most costly medications. The key with health and dental plans are to get them before you are on medications.

RRSP, RESP & Investing For The Future

The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step. The same can be said for investing; you begin saving one dollar at a time. We take a time proven systematic process to investing your hard earned money. It begins with a detailed discussion of Values and Goals – we then add in goals that will require money and planning to achieve. After we have had these discussions with you, we will then craft an individual financial plan to get you there.

Whether you’re looking to add some life insurance, you are looking to protect your health or to build wealth, we have many years of experience to make it happen. We deal with most major life insurance companies in Canada, ensuring you always get the best product in the market place to fit your need.

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