Property Insurance


Home Sweet Home!

At Burrows Insurance Group we understand that your home is one of your most valuable and cherished assets. It is where you create many loving memories and where you want your family to feel safe. That is why you want to protect it with a policy that is right for you! And, just like yourself, your home is unique. Let our professionals tailor a policy that is catered to your individual needs and protect the things that are most important, so that you can put your mind at ease.


If you are renting either an apartment, basement apartment or an entire house you have the same responsibility as a homeowner to carry insurance. It will protect your belongings from things like fire, theft and vandalism plus additional perils. It will also cover you for your legal liability for loses you may be held responsible for.


Your weekend retreat!

Enjoy your weekends and don’t let insurance be a concern. We can get the right protection for you so that all you have to worry about is the weather!

At Burrows Insurance Group, many of our brokers have grown up around the Kawartha Lakes area and have had the pleasure of going to a cottage on the weekends to enjoy our beautiful lakes. That’s why we understand that your cottage needs the same kind of attention and care as your home. Whether it’s an older family cottage or a brand new dream cottage we can find you the right coverages.

Rental Properties

Are you a landlord?

It is common for some people to have a property or several properties that they rent out to others. The type of policy required depends on who the house is rented to. Is this a student house, a rooming house, or one that is rented to a single family? Each scenario requires a different type of policy.

Insurance for these types of risks can sometimes be difficult to find. However, our brokers have access to multiple companies that write rented buildings and we will make sure you have a policy that fits your needs.

Vacant Property

Many people do not know that if your house or a property that you own is vacant then your insurance policy may not cover you. You need a specialized policy or endorsement to ensure that you are covered properly. We understand that sometimes these things happen unexpectedly, and we can work with you so that you aren’t caught without the right protection.

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