Recreational Insurance

Boats & Watercrafts

To whatever floats your boat!

Our experts can help you navigate your boat insurance!

There are many different kinds of boats such as canoes, sailboats, bow-riders, fishing boats, pontoon boats, to racing boats, large yachts, and classic boats. We don’t expect all boats to be used the same and we don’t expect all boat policies to be the same. We can make sure you have the right coverages for your boat so that you just need to grab the friends, family and fishing rods, so that you can cruise the lakes!

ATV’s & Snowmobiles

Go explore!

With ATV and snowmobile insurance you have the freedom to go discover the great outdoors! Unless you have proper ATV or snowmobile insurance you cannot drive off of your own property. Get the right coverage, get riding, and have fun!

Motorhomes, 5th Wheel & Camper Trailers

Whether you are hitting the open road with your motorhome or 5th wheel, or going to visit your camper trailer for a vacation you need to have the proper coverage. Since each of these vehicles are different you require a different type of policy for each.

When you are doing what you love most the last thing you want to do is worry about insurance. We can take those worries away by letting Burrows Insurance Group get the right policy that you need!


Do you like to have toys? Like an ATV, snowmobile, boat or motorcycle? Do you have multiple properties that you own? Are you in a high profile position? Or, someone who travels a lot? Then you are the type of person who should have an umbrella policy.

An Umbrella policy provides you with additional liability insurance which kicks in after you have used up your liability limit on your other policies. An umbrella also has a broader range of coverage than your typical home or auto liability.

Let our brokers make an umbrella policy simple and easy for you to understand!

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